Why Umpire

Why Umpire

You’ve come to this page because you’re interested in umpiring softball. There are a log of reasons people get involved. Though some only become apparent after you’ve been at it for a while, a number of benefits can be realized very quickly. Area officials have provided some reasons that they umpire:

Even at lower level games you’ll make $40-$45 per game, often working multiple games a day.

Umpiring is a good side job. You can usually pick the dates, times, and games you want to work. Set your own availability.

Umpiring gets your outside and active. It’s a good way to stay in shape…while getting paid.

On the diamond, your partner is your only ally. That creates a unique bond between two people.

Many umpires are former athletes who developed as people, in part, because of the sports they played. Umpiring is a great way to give back to today’s youth to help them develop as people.