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Why Use an Assignor

Why Use an Assignor

A lot of schools and organizations are using assignors for their sports, and there are good reasons for that. Sure, there’s a cost, but the benefits are undeniable.

How many hours has an Athletic Director or Assistant spent on the phone trying to secure umpire for contests, find replacements, schedule make-up games and sending reminders? Imagine the time and cost savings when instead, you only have to contact one person one time and he handles the rest.

The assignor takes on the work of finding qualified officials for your games. You provide your schedule, then sit back and relax. Work smarter, not harder. Let someone else have the stress.

Assignors know the rules of the sport they assign. Do you or your coach have a rules question or need help with a special request? Your assignor does more than schedule games.

Assignors have contacts. They have a collection of umpires who are loyal to them. They network with officials and other assignors. Their job is to fill your games with qualified officials, so they always have people at the ready.

Don’t pick an arbitrary name and hope for a quality official. Assignors are familiar with the skill, competency and mechanics knowledge of the people they assign. Lean on and leverage their knowledge to get the right officials for the caliber of game.

Don’t rely on Google Sheets or Excel to track your officials. Your assignor uses software specifically designed to assign umpires, schedule and cancel games, send notifications and more. All of which is accessible to you via a unified login.

You don’t have to send emails, text messages or make phone calls to confirm umpires. Your assignor will do that for you. Many schools and organizations don’t even use signed paper contracts any more.

Was there an issue with an official? Was he late? Not in the proper uniform? Did he misapply a rule? Contact your assignor who will handle situations that arise.

Although it sounds ridiculous, there are situations where umpires and assignors have been sued by parents or schools for lost income or for a call that they think left the school without finances they should have been owed. Similarly, disgruntled umpires may sue a school for a lack of assigned games or discrimination.

Remove yourself and the school from that position by hiring an insured assignor.