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Weather Forecast – Week of 4/4

Central Illinois is in for another messy week of weather that will certainly wreak havoc on games scheduled from Monday, April 4 through Friday, April 8.

In light of the anticipated weather, here are a few reminders.


  • Please cancel games at least two hours ahead of the scheduled start time to avoid paying umpire fees.
  • If canceled less than two hours before the scheduled start time, but before the plate meeting of game 1, umpires are due 1 game fee.
  • If canceled after the plate meeting, umpires are due full games for all games scheduled.
  • The head coach of the home team makes the decision to play or not play until the plate meeting. After the plate meeting, the umpires will determine if a field is playable.


  • Pay attention to your Arbiter notices throughout the day in case games are canceled.
  • Keep your schedules up-to-date in Arbiter and pay attention to new game postings on the Available Games page of the CISassigning website as well as your email.
  • As soon as umpires and coaches meet at home plate, the sole discretion to play/not play is made by the umpires. At any point during a contest, umpires may deem the field unplayable, at which time, the home team is responsible for making the field playable again or games may be postponed or suspended.

More Weather Details

Monday 4/4

0.15" predicted in the early morning hours

Wednesday 4/6

0.7" predicted throughout the day

Thursday 4/7

0.2" predicted throughout the day

Friday 4/8

0.29" predicted throughout the day

Saturday 4/9 - Sunday 4/10

Saturday looks to be overcast with a high of 46° and Sunday should be sunny with a high of 60°.