EPG Returns to CISassigning for 2022

El Paso-Gridley Banner
El Paso-Gridley High School

El Paso-Gridley becomes the first of the Heart of Illinois Conference schools to return to CISassigning for the 2022 season.

After discussion with El Paso-Gridley, CISassigning will be handling contests for the district for the Spring of 2022. The game schedule has been provided and is available on the Available Games page. Because these dates are in 2022, and the Spring 2021 season is still being sorted out, these games will not be assigned until the weekend of April 17, 2021 at the earliest.

If you are a CISassigning umpire and are interested in applying for games, please do so within the next week. If you know umpires who might be interested in joining the CISassigning umpire ranks, please direct them to the Registration page.