Umpire Resources

Are you looking for rule changes? A comparison of rules by governing body (NFHS, NCAA, PGF, etc.)? Need an umpire card to provide your number to schools?

All of these resources, and more, are available on the CISassigning website. You must log in to access them.

Visit the Umpire Resources page to access Umpiring cards, the CISA Umpire Code of Ethics, a DP-FLEX cheat sheet, and rules exceptions.

Download Umpire Cards here.

Website Updates

Four website pages that used to be publicly available are now restricted to members of CISA who are signed in. Members include registered umpires and school personnel, organization representatives, and coaches for schools that have contracted assigning services with CISassigning.

Those restricted pages include:

I take pride in educating members of the softball community, and am happy to provide these services to those persons who register with the site. There are very few websites that provide these services, communications/updates, or detailed documentation for softball coaches, umpires, ADs, and organizations.

One of the requirements of membership is that members give back to the softball community. Recently there have been instances of persons or organizations that have leveraged these tools for their own benefit without giving back, as well as malicious actors attempting to disrupt site functionality. With an annual cost of over $500 to host, run, and maintain this site, I must protect its resources to keep them available.

In the coming days site membership will be reviewed and updated to ensure that only registered umpires and schools or organizations that use CISassigning’s services have access to the site.

If you know of umpires that would like to be a part of the CISassigning group, please encourage them to register on the site or contact me at [email protected]. Remember that umpires are not charged to be a part of the assigning group or to access this site.

If you are a school or organization that would like CISassigning to assign for you, you can visit the Have CISA Assign For You page.


Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas to all of you. I hope you’ve had a wonderful day centered around family, friends, and time together. The older I get, the more I understand that time and being present are the greatest gifts.