Umpires: IESA Post-Season Availability

It’s that time of the year where the IESA state softball series is just around the corner.

If you haven’t submitted your availability for sections or state semi-finals and finals, now is the time to do it!

To submit your information visit and click School & Officials Log In.

After signing in, select Girls Softball under the Availability Forms

Complete the information, indicating which dates you’re available, and submit the form.

IHSA – Umpires and Coaches Must Complete Hate Speech and Harassment Training

The Illinois High School Association (IHSA) has added a requirement that all umpires and coaches take an online course titled Hate Speech and Harassment in order to be in good standing.

Officials and coaches can access the training in the Schools & Official’s Center after logging in. If you have not completed the training, you’ll notice a red box under the Compliance Items header. Clicking the video title till load the training, which you must watch until the end. It takes approximately 20 minutes. At the end, be sure to click the Redeem Credit¬†button. There is no test.

Hate Speech and Harassment Video

Though the IHSA has not set a deadline to complete this training, the IHSA Officials Department shared, “We need you to watch this video ASAP”. A deadline is expected to be set soon.

Should there be an instance of hate speech or harassment during a contest, umpires and/or administrators are required to submit a Hate Speech and Harassment Special Report, available in the Officials Center.

If you have questions about this training, contact the IHSA Officials Department.

2020-2021 Seasons in Review

Thank you everyone for an extremely successful year! Athletic Directors worked tirelessly to schedule, and reschedule games. Coaches worked with their student-athletes to prepare them for a condensed season and battled the unparalleled challenge of a high school season that overlapped with the travel softball season. Schools adjusted to COVID-related cancelations, extremely busy schedules, and sometimes only having one umpire to work a game.

Umpires gave of themselves tirelessly, often working more often than they normally would so girls could play, and handled cancelations and changes with grace and understanding. They dealt with daily emails asking for officials to work games, and stepped up where there was a need.

Between the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 seasons, CISassigning assigned 338 dates, totaling over 550 games. There were 90 junior high dates and 248 high school dates.

I continue to strive to provide above-average service to schools, advocate for umpires and facilitate umpire training and mentoring, all while building mutual respect between all parties involved in these games.

My sincere thank you to all ADs, coaches, and umpires for the work you put in this past academic year to allow students to play a sport they love.

Expectations and Operations Review

Now that the IHSA season is about to begin, this is a reminder to review the CISassigning Expectations and Operations document before the season begins. Even if you’re an experienced official or AD, you should review this document annually.

The Expectations and Operations document lays out how CISassigning works and clarifies expectations for umpires, schools, and organizations that use CISassigning’s services. The first half of the document is for umpires. The second half is for organizations that I assign for. Everything is included in a single document for transparency. Use the Table of Contents to help navigate the document.

You must have a CISassigning account to access this document. If you have questions after reviewing the document, please reach out to me.

Two Schools Announce Pay Increase

Two local schools have announced that they will increase their umpire pay for the Spring 2021 season.

Dee-Mack will pay $60 for a single game and $110 for a double header.

Central Catholic will pay $65 for a single game and $120 for a double header.

I am still working to get pay information from other area schools and will update the Pay Rates page when information is provided.

2020-2021 CISA Expectations and Operations Document Published

The 2020-2021 Central Illinois Softball Assigning Expectations and Operations document is now published on This document is designed to provide a clear and concise set of expectations for officials, coaches, and staff for softball contests assigned by Central Illinois Softball Assigning. You must be logged in to access the page.

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IHSA Licensing and Concussion Test

I emailed a number of officials a couple of days ago notifying them that they are not able to umpires IESA/IHSA games because their registration is incomplete.

Umpires, please remember that CISA cannot assign you to work IESA or IHSA contests if you are not on the IHSA approved umpire list. The most commonly overlooked element that prevents umpires from being approved is the concussion test.

The approved umpires list is updated multiple times a day, so if you did forget to complete that test, and take and pass it, the list will reflect the change fairly quickly. If you have received that email from me, please complete your registration and ensure your tests are complete.

Schools can rest assured that any umpires who are not IHSA-licensed will not be assigned to games.

Area School Rates

A number of umpires, and athletic directors, have asked what each organization pays for games. The feedback you’ve given over the years is that you’d prefer more transparency, and now that’s available.

In response to requests for rates, a new Pay Rates page is available under the Umpires area of the website. You must be signed in to the site to see this page. Non-CISA umpires or schools can not see the information on the page. This is a work in progress, but most area junior high rates have been added.

Over the next new months high school and travel ball rates will be added to the page.

As always, your feedback is appreciated. Please feel free to contact me with thoughts on how to improve this site or CISassigning services.