Rendering of Lincoln Land of Sports bridge connecting fields to retail space (stores and restaurants)

Today’s Journal Gazette newspaper announced the Lincoln Land of Sports, a $60 million sports complex, will be developed in Mattoon, IL. The complex will be located just west of I-57 and will cover nearly 96 acres.

The complex is planned to have the following facilities:

  • Indoors (126,000 sq. ft.)
    • 8 basketball courts
    • 16 volleyball courts
    • A family entertainment center

  • Outdoors (86 acres)
    • 4 baseball/softball fields (300 ft. fence)
    • 4 baseball/softball fields (400 ft. ence)
    • 12 multipurpose turf fields
    • 4 multipurpose grass fields
  • 2,000 parking spaces

The goal is to attract traveling teams from Chicago, Indianapolis and St. Louis. The center is projected to generate 580,000 visitors, more than $23.8 million in direct spending and more than 59,000 hotel room nights each year.

Journal Gazette-Times Courier

Development is expected to begin in 18 months with the facility completed in two years.

Diagram of the proposed sports complex

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